Lucid Thought 16

Do all the best ideas come from construction?

Many people say that project management as we know it today - if not first thought of in the construction industry - was certainly developed and massively enhanced there. When you think about it the construction industry comes in many guises: civil, mechanical, electrical, chemical and building to name but a few. Without effective project management some of the largest constructions could never have been achieved e.g. North Sea oil rigs, the Channel Tunnel, the Severn Bridges and nuclear power stations. One thing that we are certain that really did start in the construction industry is the project controls department. The PSO, PPSO, PMO or whatever buzzword or acronym is nothing new and in fact dates back nearly 30 years to the time when planning engineers (now often called planning analysts) prepared critical path networks and carried out critical path analysis on paper! So if all the best ideas come originally from the construction industry what else can we learn?


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