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Our Origins

Peter Simon founded the company over 20 years ago and continues to lead the business. Through our team, we aim to inform and influence with no fuss.

Peter Simon

Peter Simon has over 40 years of experience as a project management consultant and practitioner across all industries and business sectors. He has built a professional reputation as a particularly knowledgeable and skilled advisor and trainer, particularly in those areas related to programme management, project planning, risk management and resource management. He is a Director of Lucidus Consulting Limited.

In his early career he worked for a variety of organisations across the Oil and Gas, Nuclear, Utilities and Transportation sectors as a project management and project services practitioner and was responsible for all aspects of project planning and control and risk management for projects based in Europe, USA and the Middle East. In his later career he has achieved significant success in building the project management consultancy and training arms of the PMProfessional group of companies in addition to many years as a successful freelance project management consultant and a period as European Technical Director for ESI International.

Peter consulted with, and developed and delivered training and development programmes in programme, project and risk management for numerous companies across many industries including Shell, Talisman, Wood, AXA Insurance, Hofmann la Roche, Pfizer, Quintiles, BAE Systems, Transport for London, Costain, Arup, Ordnance Survey and the UK government’s Department for Work and Pensions.

Peter is co-author of two books; ‘Starting Out in Project Management – Study Guide for the APM Introductory Certificate in Project Management’ and ‘Practical Project Risk Management: the ATOM Methodology’; both of which are in their third editions. This second book was awarded the 2013 PMI David I. Cleland Project Management Literature Award for the best project management related book in 2013.

Brian Atkin

Brian Atkin gained his doctorate from the University of Reading in the UK. He holds a master’s degree by research into the costs of major engineering infrastructure. Brian has held professorial and visiting fellow positions in the UK, Sweden, Australia, Hong Kong, Finland and Iceland.

Brian’s work and interests span the delivery and operational phases of capital projects. In the former case, he has spent 16 years working with an international energy company in learning and development within the project management sphere. In the latter, he has developed a reputation as an expert in facility asset management, leading learning and training programmes for companies and universities.

As a member of the British Standards Institution (BSI) Facilities Management Strategy Committee and Technical Committee, he has been closely involved in the drafting of all national standards in facilities management. In addition, he represents BSI on the International Standards Organization Technical Committee on Facility Management where he has also been involved in drafting standards.

Brian is co-author of the standard textbook on Total Facility Management now in its fifth edition and the author of numerous research papers and reports. His work as an examiner or assessor covers all levels, including higher doctorates and professional qualifying examinations.

In 2022, Brian received a BSI Standards Maker Award for representing the UK.

Bill Johnson

Bill’s careers have covered a wide range of disciplines giving him insight into and knowledge of a large range of industries from automotive to tobacco, finance to health, telecoms to oil and gas.

For the last 25 years the focus has been on helping others to understand project management and develop effective levels of competence. He has provided training and consultancy in many areas including local government, regional health trusts, banks, investment companies, insurers, museums, forestry and with major oil companies in the UK, Europe, America and the Middle East.

He was a senior consultant and product manager for the Industrial Society where he developed and managed a number of project management public courses which were later adopted by Capita L & D.

For over 10 years Bill was a director and trustee of the Association for Project Management where he was responsible for finance.

He has worked with Cranfield School of Management for over 25 years on both public and client courses. He has worked with both MBA and MSc students developing project management skills and developed the successful APMP course delivered in the school and at Shrivenham Royal Military College. He also designed and developed the Improving Project Performance course which is one of the highest rated courses offered by the School.

His current major interest is the enrichment of project management courses by focusing on  ‘learning by doing’ and the development of project simulations.

Bill was the sponsor, co-editor and a contributor to Project Management Pathways published by the APM in 2000 as a foundation document covering all aspects of the then current Body of Knowledge.

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