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Lucidus Second Opinions

Our years of working for clients on diverse projects around the world has shown that project schedules are not always realistic. We can provide a second opinion on the likelihood of achieving the completion date.

Main Features

The easiest way to appreciate what Lucidus can bring in terms of confidence to project plans and forecasts is for you to know if your project is going to be delivered on time and within budget.

Intended Users

  • Infrequent construction clients
  • Manufacturers expanding their facilities
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Research and development organisations
  • Government departments (UK and foreign)
  • Local and other public authorities
  • NGOs
  • Insurance underwriters, managing agents and brokers
  • Media companies

Practical Reality

  • Most projects tend to go ahead on the basis of the project duration and end date generated by the project team’s planning and scheduling tool (such as Oracle Primavera®, Microsoft® Project and Asta Powerproject).
  • Most of these projects will be late and overrun their budgets.
  • Projects are generally risky and uncertain events; yet, the project schedule and cost estimate take no account of either risks or uncertainty.
  • If major commitments (e.g. investment decision and main contract award) are made on this basis then the owner/client is likely to face missed deadlines, increased costs and loss of revenue, even reputational damage.


Trust in the project team getting it right and punish them if it is late and over budget, or

Accept that the project will probably be late and over budget and add something on top for some delay and increased costs – have a guess at what might be enough, or

Get Lucidus Second Opinions© on the reliability of the project’s schedule and cost estimate and likelihood of their being achieved, with accurate forecasts of what the outcome is likely to be.

How it Works

For a flat fee per schedule*, Lucidus will provide a detailed report on the reliability of the schedule, the likelihood of the targeted completion date being achieved, the most crucial activities and an accurate forecast of delivery dates.

For a flat fee per cost estimate*, Lucidus will provide a detailed report on the reliability of the cost estimate, the likelihood of it being achieved, the most crucial cost items and an accurate forecast of the probable cost.

For a competitive flat fee, Lucidus will combine the above.

* Maximum of 500 activities and 100 cost items, but no limit to project timescale or its cost. Files should be digitally-readable. Additional fees apply for conversion from other formats.

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