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Our experience is vast and because of this we are able to offer a huge range of tailored services to meet client needs.

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Our Scope of Services

Project analysis

  • Pinpoint any inconsistencies in your schedules before you commit.

Time and cost risk analysis

  • Identify and control your most vulnerable activities.

Risk-based project management

  • Implement risk-based project management as your normal way of working.

Opportunity management

  • Upside risks are opportunities – read all about applying opportunity management.

Quality checking of risk models

  • 20 questions for checking the quality of a quantitative risk model.

Describing risks properly

  • A common weakness in risk management is the inability to describe risks.

Continued support

  • Know that you have someone to turn to for support whenever you need it.
  • Programme and project sponsorship development for a UK life insurance company.
  • Programme management development for a UK utilities company.
  • Project planning and risk management support to a major UK government change programme.
  • Methodology development for an international insurance company based in Hong Kong.
  • Quantitative risk analysis for a UK port operator.
  • Project risk management consultancy with an emphasis on opportunities for a UK utilities company.
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