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What is wrong with this picture?

I can’t remember the year, but it was when Microsoft released its first version of Project®. A friend of mine, who was an up-and-coming Project Manager, called me to say that he had this terrific software that enabled him to draw his Gantt chart on the computer screen. He couldn’t contain his excitement at what he saw was a slick way of creating a schedule. I tried to interrupt, but he continued to explain in great detail how he could draw the chart. After some minutes of repeating “yes, and… what else does it do?” came his stumbling reply. “Well… what more should it do?” I was about to explain that he was simply drawing a picture; there was no logic and no sense in what he was doing. I guessed that he wouldn’t understand, so I decided to change the subject. I lost touch with my friend, which is a pity, because I wanted to ask him if his projects had been a success.

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